Mili Productions

Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn

Mili’s first feature film, two years in the making, was released in China in Summer 2014 to great success at the box office and widespread acclaim from audience members and critics who called it the best computer animated film yet made in China. An adaptation of the popular online game “Dragon Nest”, the film tells the tale of a young boy who joins a group of heroes to fight the evil Black Dragon. The film earned $12 million USD at the box office in China, and is currently being distributed internationally. “Dragon Nest” was directed by Soong Yuefeng, a co-founder of Mili and one of the top animation talents in China.

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The Three Little Pigs and the Lamp

This online animated series is based on classic fairy tales. Three little pigs with very different personalities are kindergarten classmates. They set out on a journey of adventure, but encounter an evil wolf. They must overcome their adversary with wisdom, courage – and humor.

Ping Pong Rabbit

Mili’s next major feature film is a true cooperation between top talents from Hollywood and Chinese artists. “Ping Pong Rabbit” is produced by Bill Borden, producer of “Kung Fu Hustle” and the “High School Musical” series, and co-directed by Mike Johnson (nominated for an Academy Award for “Corpse Bride”) and Soong Yuefeng (director of Mili’s hit first movie “Dragon Nest”). A charming tale of rabbits trying to reclaim ping pong honors in the land of animals, the movie tells a hilarious tale – and features amazing ping pong action – that families all over the world will love. “Ping Pong Rabbit” will be released in 2016.

Throne of Elves

Human juvenile Little Fish was invited to the distant and mysterious elf kingdom to participate in the elf queen's wedding.Taking this opportunity, he could finally meet his elf girl friend Liya.

But the dark elves broke into the romantic wedding with army, forcing the queen to hand over the Jade ,which was powerful and controlled the elves’ lifeblood. After being met with resistance, the dark elves held the queen as hostage.

The whole elf kingdom fell into a panic.In order to protect Liya, Little Fish resolutely joined the elves, and together, they started the adventure of queen rescuing. It was not just a journey full of danger, unexpectedly to Little Fish, it was also a tremendous test to himself and to the love between Liya and him.


“Dogtanian” is a co-production with BRB International of Spain. The film takes a charming and comic approach to the beloved Three Musketeers tale, making the classic story a delight for young audiences. “Dogtanian” will be released in 2016.